Back to School: What are you feeding your child?

The little ones have spent some time home and school has reopened. You probably had a lot of time making sure they ate some very nutritious food. School has reopened and you have to make sure they do not fall back on unhealthy food.


Plan ahead. Make sure the house is stocked with fruits and vegetables. Make sure they have a fruit packed for lunch every day. If they want a drink, make sure they go to school with enough water and send them off with fresh juices or at least 100% fruit packed juices. Fruit drinks are full of sugars and are not beneficial especially hen you want the Child to stay within healthy weight.
Encourage vegetable intake by packing some vegetables with the lunch in an attractive way. Such as adding carrot sticks or blending the vegetables into stews and sauces and blending together with fruits. To make delicious smoothies. Try as much as possible to limit intake of pastries and fried foods. Encouraged the intake of whole food such as brown rice.

Physical activity

This is in the curriculum for a purpose. Ensure their school takes it seriously and that it is not replaced with some other activity. Encourage you child to participate in it fully.

I wish your wards a happy new term.

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