The Lead Dietitian is an experienced dietician who has worked in a teaching hospital for over 9 years. She has worked within various departments of the hospital, including Surgery, ICU, Paediatrics, Plastics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiothoracic centre, Department of medicine and currently Lead dietician, Department of Medicine and the renal and Dialysis unit. She is an expert in managing nutrition in renal disease, obesity and weight loss, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and elevated cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes and gestational diabetes, allergies and elimination diets, gastro conditions (including liver diseases such as hepatitis), in infections (including) HIV), Liquid diets in (dysphasia, stroke etc.), paediatric nutrition.

She enjoys writing and has written several articles in company journals. She is a blogger with her own website. She actively participates in radio and TV Nutrition and Lifestyle promotion education. She does part-time lecturing and clinical supervision for various Universities. She is licenced by the Allied Health Professions Council, Registered with the Ghana Dietetics Association, an Academy Member of the International Nephrology Society and member British Dietetics Association.

She is particularly interested in corporate wellness campaigns, educating, corporate institution and societies, churches, Market Places, and youth groups. This is because of the desire to champion disease prevention and treatment due to the increase in non-communicable diseases. Nutrid Wellness was born out of the concern of seeing people in their productive years wasting their potential to disease and illness. The core aim of Nutrid Wellness is to promote wellbeing through healthy eating and lifestyle. Also to help people with lifestyle related health conditions lead productive lives.

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